Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bits of this and that.

Finally a couple of crafty finishes!
They are only small, but they are finished.
Remember in my last post I showed the beginnings of two little Christmas ornaments? They really didn't need much more doing to them, and I had them finished in a matter of minutes the other day.
A cute little quilled wreath.
 And a little crochet snow flower.
I used to do some quilling years ago, but wandered away from it, as you do. Well a facebook pal posted images of some quilled cards and it kind of got me going again. I dug out my papers and had a little play. I have one or two other items in mind.
 My poor finger really aches when I try to crochet for any more than half an hour, so I pulled out the secret stitching. I posted the very beginnings of this project way back at the beginning of September.
It was just an orange blob at the time, at least now you can see that there are some flowers.
I have to say, looking at the model picture on the front of the package, I was hoping for a lot more reds and a lot less orange.
Cross stitching seems to be the way forward at the moment. So I'm off to stitch.
The first round of forms has been signed off by the relevant bodies and returned to me.
Round two will go in the mail later today. Fingers crossed for a speedy return.


Janice said...

I'm glad your mojo is peaking out from its hiding place. You'll be back into it all before you know it. Is Santa going to make a re-appearance?
I too have my fingers crossed for your fast form returns.

QuiltSue said...

Sorry your finger's still causing trouble. I hope it gets better soon.