Friday, 4 October 2013

I got a new toy!

When I was sorting out photos the other day, and realising that I didn't even know what some of the images were, I got to thinking. I wondered if a second camera might help, perhaps if I were able to take my own photos, maybe I'd find it easier to recall what was going on at the time?
Then I remembered one of the ladies on the tour had a tablet, she took notes, after each photo.
Here's my new toy.
Just in time to play about a bit, before we fly off to Gozo for a week.
A Samsung Galaxy note 8.
Cool huh? It's about the same size as a kindle, so sits nicely in my hand, and I've installed the kindle app, so only one gadget to take along! :-)
Speaking of my hand, after my fall and a week with a huge cast, it was a relief to get home on Tuesday and have the cast removed by the local A&E department, they gave me a much neater dressing.
YAY! I could crochet again.
Must dash, I'm off to fracture clinic to have it x-rayed and checked on.
The bruising and swelling have gone, but I still can't bend it.
More holiday pics later today, or maybe tomorrow.
Everything after this was sent from the Note last night.
Trying out my new toy. I'll tell you more Tomorrow!


Diane-crewe said...

Im interested x

Margaret said...

Hope the hand is well. I have no idea where Gozo is but I hope you have a really relaxing holiday