Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Finish!

 And a new start.
I finished Lucky Escape yesterday.
Well, I did say it wasn't going to take long.
I first posted a picture here on my blog on Friday 6th and finished it last night. 11- 12 days! 
Not bad, especially as I didn't touch it at all over the last weekend. From Friday through to Monday I just didn't get a chance to stitch.
This one is to be a Christmas gift, so I must brave to pouring rain today and take it over to Carlo for framing.
So a finish means a start right? That's the rules.
Spring Geisha has begun.
I stitched this little bit last night. 
I love how right away I can see the pretty flowers on her Obi. And how colourful she will be compared to the last one!
Aside from dodging raindrops this morning I have nothing planned for today, so I'll be making progress this afternoon.
All of my images today were assisted by the camera flash. Even though I waited until 9.30 am it's still very dark here with the approach of mid winter and the overcast weather. Not good conditions for photography.
While I'm thinking about it.......
I heard someone on the radio yesterday saying that 21st December is the first day of winter, or summer if you live in the Southern hemisphere! I beg to differ. If that is the shortest (Sticking up North for now!) darkest day, with the least hours of day light, then surely that must be the middle of winter, the darkest and lowest point we reach. Even the Christmas song agrees with me. 'In the bleak mid winter, frosty winds may blow' 
I had a similar discussion with a school teacher some years ago, regarding the Summer Solstice. She agreed with me, but said that her curriculum told her that she must tell the children that the solstices are the first days of Summer, winter...........!
Not at all what I was taught.
Grumble over.
So I promised some more handmade Christmas ornaments.
There are only two on my blue tree, although there are a few hand painted items.
Those of you who have been with me for a while will recognise Santa. This crazy quilt ornament was made by Pam Kellogg. And I adore it.
Sadly, because of the need for flash, you can't see all of the bling she managed to cram onto this little 4.5 x 4.5 cushion.
This pretty beaded bauble was given to me by a dear friend, she had an 'I saw this and thought of you' moment.
I'm really not sure where she found it. The white writing around the equator says Nollick Ghennal. Which is Manx language for Merry Christmas.
Right I'm off to find my wellies! Time to paddle to the framers and the post office.

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QuiltSue said...

Hear, Hear!! The 21st is the shortest day, not the first day of winter. It drives us mad when we hear this these days too.