Monday, 24 November 2014

Stitchy stuff.

Yesterday I had a play-date with a pal. Debbie came to play, she brought along a project, her daughter and her sewing machine. She put together this cute wee discovery bag.
Debbie is a child carer/teacher, she has up to 4 preschoolers in her home each day and thought these bags were a great idea.
While Debbie was busy with her project, I finished off a wee gift bag, but forgot to take a photo! 
I also finished this little cutie. It was lying neglected for over two years. I had put the borders on, but never got around to backing it.
Yesterday was it's day!
It's now all packaged up waiting for a trip to the post office.
Debbie brought her daughter with her, while we sewed, Courtney looked through some of my books and asked if she could make a pin cushion. I helped her to make two cute wee nine patches, then I sewed then onto a gusset for her, alas I had no stuffing! But Debbie said she had some at home and would help Courtney to finish it off this week.
Courtney was also looking at my cross stitch pictures and asked if she could do one of those too!
I found a Christmas card kit and sent that home with her. Debbie says she will teach her how to do that too!
Another convert. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee I love your cute wall hanging,well done on a lovely finish.xx

Ali Honey said...

It's great when kids WANT to. Well done!
Could you explain about the discovery bag please. I don't get it. I can see objects in there but what is all the white beady stuff?