Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Creativity and destruction.

The batik chain is still lying spread out on my floor, however, I have whittled away half of the blocks and played around with those that remain.
I'm happy at last with placement and just need to neaten them and get them stitched together.
Not too sure when I'll get time for that, but hopefully soon.
I finally remembered where the photos were, that showed more of my Christmas gains!
Still on the SD card!
My pal Maxine is South Australia sent me this collection of kits and patterns for Christmas.
My Hunney not only bought me the quilting frame, he also picked out a kit for me.
 I wonder if it will be stitched before next Christmas?
I've been spending a few pennies here and there over the last few months and have collected together some rather delicious looking fabrics.
Fruits and Veggies. Yum.
Some are fat quarters and some are off cuts.
I have a plan......
Speaking of edibles, when we first moved in, Mother and Father in law gifted two tomato plants to me. I opted to keep them in our side porch rather than outside.
 That seems to have been the correct decision as they are growing like mad, there is plenty of greenery and flowers and even a few fruits appearing too.
 Another gift also from the in laws is this beginners herb garden. I plan to expand on this, but need to do plenty more clearing out before that plan can take shape.
 And beside the herbs, another gift, I don't recall the name of this bush, Tony's mum says it will attract Monarch butterflies as they like to eat the nectar.
Oh good!
 More edibles, my beans are also producing!
Hopefully it will be worth waiting all that time for them to germinate.
Well, that's all the creation, now for the destruction!
While I was at work the other day, Tony and his folks got stuck into the back garden.
This huge pile filled two trailers to be carted away.
But under the trees at the back of the property now looks so much better. There is still a lot of work to do and they only managed one half.

 The other side, beyond the gravel (Where we plan to put in a green house and a raised bed) has not even been touched yet.
See why I have so little time for sewing?

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