Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Playing on my frame.

Well I didn't get everything set up before Debbie arrived on Sunday, but I did have it sorted before she left!
And then I quilted.
 It looks not bad, from the right side.
But underneath was a different story!
Eeek! A birds nest.
I played around with the tension for a while, finally getting rid of the birds nests, only to be rewarded with the bobbin thread showing on the top!
So, I finally got sensible. Tony lifted the machine off the frame and I played with a quilt sandwich until I got things just how I wanted them.
Then it was bed time.
Tony has lifted the machine back up onto the frame. (Janome is heavy and I still have a bad back)
but I didn't yet have another play.
I'll keep you posted. 
While I was swearing setting up the quilt frame Debbie was finishing the last of her machine appliqué. I forgot to take a picture, but trust me, it looks really good.
She had also brought along some other blocks, you can see those on her blog here.
I have also finished all of the appliqué on my own blocks and also managed to piece them.
The only thing remaining for this block is the hand stitching.
That might be interesting, I'm pretty sure I didn't leave enough room on the heavenly choir block!
I have enjoyed making up this first block and it was fun to have Debs working along on it too. Although we shared a fabric collection, we have both added elements from our stash and the end result is the same, but quite different. Hopefully Debs will post a picture of her completed block soon.
The next block has a Christmas wish angel, some stockings and friendship stars. It seems a little smaller, maybe we could get it finished in one month instead of two!!
My plan for today is to play with the quilt frame some more, visit the Chiropractor and then to sit and stitch on the Christmas story, then, if there is any day left, I'll stitch some on sleepy, it's been over a week since I spent time with her.


Janice said...

Your first block looks great now it is all together. Looking forward to seeing Debs' as well. I hope your next attempt with the frame goes better.

Debbie McRobie said...

Looking good Lou. I started putting mine together but i must have had my measurements wrong.

Debbie McRobie said...

Looking good Lou. I've tried to put mine together but it wasn't working.

QuiltSue said...

You're making good progress with your frame quilting it seems. Don't forget to breathe while you're stitching though!

Raewyn said...

I'm sure you'll have the whole frame thing sussed in no time - enjoy playing! Great to have a friend to sew along with - your block looks great!!

pollyanna said...

I love how these blocks are looking. It is going to be amazing!