Monday, 4 May 2015

I sewed!

Of course, Belle helped!
 I managed to get quite a bit of the blanket stitch done on block 3 of the Christmas Story quilt.
 Belle looked after the threads for me.
She found a whole basket full of the pesky little blighters!
 She takes her job as overseer very seriously and makes sure to check things from all perspectives!!
Right, I'm off to sew some more, before she comes back from inspecting her biscuit bowl.


Janice said...

Belle looks to be a gray help. I reckon it won't be long till she is threading the needle and snipping the threads when you are finished. Then again, she may be a wizz at the foot pedal.

Raewyn said...

Ha love Janice's comment! Isn't it lovely that she wants to help so much?!

Cath said...

I love your sunny sewing space and there is nothing better than some company while you sew either!

Diane-crewe said...

looks like she has it all figured out xx