Monday, 24 August 2015


You know when you are waiting for something,
Time drags by so slowly,
You can't settle to anything much,
You prowl around the house looking for something to do, but nothing satisfies?
Well that's where I'm at just now...
Last Friday I was told, ..
"We should be in a position to get back to you with our decision by next Friday"
Seriously? A whole week?
It wasn't so bad when I had someone home to occupy me.
Or when I had to go to work, that kept me busy.
But a day off!
It's not even gardening weather.
I tried to sew, but can't settle to that.
In the end I found myself having a tidy up in my cross stitch charts.
Well I did have some new ones to put away.
Bad blogger, I forgot to photograph them! LOL
My chart and kit storage went from this blue box.
All shoved in higgledy- piggledy.
 To all of this!
The blue box still holds all of my kitted projects. (Except one)
The red expanding folder houses all of my Mirabilia, Lavender and lace, Butternut Road and Nora Corbett charts.
The mauve expanding folder holds all the odds and ends of charts.
The wee stacking box holds the next project in line.
That of course is subject to change at any time!!
Depending on my moods and the seasons and time passing and well, just because I'm a woman and we are expected to change our minds!
I think I'll go and put a movie on and cross stitch.
Who knows, if I manage to get settled, a mile away from the phone, it just might ring.
But it is only Monday.....


QuiltSue said...

Ooohh, what are you up to now?

Jewells said...

So what are we waiting on???