Monday, 19 June 2017

A new craft!!

A new craft, doesn't that sound exciting and intriguing? 
More about that soon. First my current and previously seen works.
St Basil's is drawing very close to being completed now. All of the cross stitches are done and now I'm working my way through six pages and seven shades of back stitch. For those who don't cross stitch, back stitch or BS!! is usually the final stage of a project when a single strand of thread is used to outline or highlight certain areas of the design to accentuate them and define the image. 
Hopefully, by the end of this week, I will be finished with this piece and ready to move on to the next one. I have three lined up ready to go now. Which one though? Decisions, decisions.
Meanwhile, as well as the cross stitch I've also been picking away at another crochet project.
Making up pretty pink squares here and there. Nothing fancy, just eight rounds of Granny.
One or two more squares, then I'll join them all together with the white, using a new technique I discovered on pinterest.  It joins them all in one go. No making rows and stopping and starting. Sounds and looks easy enough.
And finally, the new craft!
It's not mine, it's his!
Tony decided he wanted to have a go at making beer!
This big barrel sat in the corner of the sitting room for just over a week, while it blooped away to itself. Once the blooping stopped it was moved to my kitchen!! Where you see it in this photo.
Something was added and it sat for a week before going into bottles.
I now have thirty bottles of beer sitting in the corner of the sitting room.
I'm told they will be there for a few more days, before moving into the cold garage for a week. After that, there will be a grand opening and official tasting!!
I wonder if it will live up to his hopes and dreams?
Right, the domestics are done, time for a cuppa tea and a sit and sew.


Janice said...

It's been a very productive time at your house. It must feel good getting close to finishing St Basil. So many more options will open to replace it on the frame. I do hope Tony's beer making is a success. It would be very satisfying sitting down to your own home brew. What style had he made? My brother used to make a pretty good stout.

Maria said...

WOW St Basil is impressive looking cross stitch...will you have it framed?
Granny squares make great blankies.

Oh do hope none of the bottles of beer explode? My SILs did when he used to brew his beer...

Jenny said...

He's a real Kiwi now he is making his own "Home Brew".

Raewyn said...

Your cross stitch is amazing - so beautiful! It sounds like you have been taken over by your husband's new hobby - hope the brew is a success :-)