Monday, 17 July 2017

Can you help?

Edited to say
I found out how to fix it. 
I really could use some help here. We recently shut down our photobucket account and as you can see, that is where my cute wee sewing machine was hosted. Now try as he might poor Tony can't get it to work again from another hosting site. He has gone through all the help files and even posted a question on the help forum in an effort to sort it out. So far, no joy. We both think the issue may be something to do with google+ having taken over blogger. I did upgrade for a while, but didn't like it so reverted back to the old blogger. Have any of you had similar issues? Does anybody have any bright ideas that may help?
I want my lovely wee sewing machine back.
Speaking of sewing machines, my new friend has been busy and has helped me to create another two rows for my bitty quilt top. I also have another five rows cut and ready to sew.

Tony and I were both off work last week and spent a good deal of time at home crafting. As well as cutting I powered on with my secret cross stitch project. It's now all done and yesterday I was able to make a start on a new project. There isn't much to see yet,.....
 It's a designer threads kit which I purchased while we were in Auckland earlier this year.
I have stuff to do this morning, but later today I'll be either sewing or stitching, I didn't decide yet.
Then back to work tomorrow.


Did this work?

See no sewing machine spelling out my name.......:-(

Loulee. xx


Janice said...

I do hope you can get your like sewing machine back. It has always been a nice touch. I'm looking forward to both of your latest projects progressing.

Maria said...

Oh sorry can't help but it is sad you don't have your cute sewing machine writing your name...😥
Lovely rows on your design Wal and enjoy your stitching.....