Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Quick post

 It's a grey overcast day here in Timaru, with quite a bit of fog about at the moment. So a good time to get in a quick post, while I wait for that to lift.
First of all, I have found a way to get my wee singer gif back onto my posts. Originally Tony had hosted it at his photobucket account and a code was added to my blog which automatically popped it onto the bottom of each and every post. (However, like many folks, he is refusing to pay the annual fee they have decided to ask for. There were only a few images on the account plus my gif, so not worth all that money.) He had hoped to find a way of doing that from another image hosting site, but was unable to make it work. The work around is for me to upload it each time, in the same way we upload our photos. So older posts will sadly continue to have that photobucket message on them. :-(
And, because you can't write a blog post without an image....
A frogs foot!! LOL
The froggies are progressing nicely and the first one has a whole foot!
I have to say, there are a lot of colour changes which I find frustrating, but hopefully I'll get a break from that soon once I get onto the body of the first frog.
It's a day off work today, so after the domestics are completed and I have done my chores in town, it will be play day. I keep telling myself that I should go and make a few blocks for my bitty rows quilt, but I keep hearing the froggies calling to me. LOL
Look, she is back.


Jenny said...

If the froggies are calling you - you certainly must answer them!

Maria said...

Oh sew good to have your Wee Sewing Machine back and writing your name at the end of each post.....
Your Frogs or growing....

Janice said...

Nice to see your machine back. Enjoy your day off with your frogs.

Deb said...

Hi Lou,
Nice to see your machine back. .Gosh you are moving quickly on your frog stitching.