Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Bitses and pieces

I have a new member of my sewing machine family. He has been thoroughly inspected. Along with the box of bits that came along with him.
Once that very important task had been completed Mr H was allowed to get on with the job of servicing. Oh boy! Did he need it There was loads of fluff!!
Have you ever seen the insides of your machines?
After a good brush and vacuum and a wee drop of oil, he went back together just so and I have to say he is a little quieter and runs more smoothly now.
 Meet Andrew.
All my other sewing machines, (Don't ask) have female names.
Naomi Janome
Jenny Janome
Sally Silver....
But this one is a Brother, so I think a male name is appropriate.
Besides ha must be a boy, he's wearing blue! LOL
Oh yes, and the box of bits fits just perfectly, once you take the bits out!
And now for some real stitchy content.
I have finally finished stitching my wee guardian angel, and today I plan to get on and finish her ready to send to her new home.
She was a free chart produced by Lavender and Lace and you can find her here.
Once I was done with my wee friend, I should have picked up my Spring Queen, who has waited patiently since before Christmas. But instead, I picked up an adopted UFO.
Debbie started work on this piece a long time ago. And this was as far as she got.
 It looks like she has completed half of it. Not quite, the other half has a lot more work in it! LOL
 Here is a closer look at what Debbie had done so far.
Her stitches are tighter than mine, and her top stitch goes the other way!!
I did try to stitch backwards, but spent more time ripping out than I did putting stitches on!!
After chatting with Debbie, we agreed that in the interests of just getting it finished for her, it would be ok if I just let myself stitch in my own natural way. 
We don't intend to let the cross stitch police anywhere near it, so no one will know right?
Girls day out today.....


Anonymous said...

Hi Loulee,have fun with your new machine he looks a beauty. Oh your angel is adorable ,you are so clever,well done my friend xx

Janice said...

It's good to see that the whole family takes an interest in your sewing machines and the box the bits came in. Tony is very handy to have around to do the servicing. Your guardian angel is gorgeous and will be much appreciated by the recipient, I'm sure. Have fun with Deb's elephants. Just don't tell anyone about the stitches (other than everyone who now knows) and they won't notice.

Jenny said...

I'm sure Andrew will be a very welcome member to your family. And being the only boy amongst three girls, he will probably get rather spoilt.

Karen S said...

It is always exciting to have a new machine. And it is worth the time to make sure it runs well.
Lovely to see what you have been stitching and good luck with the new project!