Monday, 27 August 2007

Catching up on Other blogs.

No quilting to report!
The fabrics I was awaiting were a little disappointing. :-(
The pieces I ordered for the back will do OK, but the piece I had hoped to use for sashing the top is an absolute no no. I've been on the phone to the shop and had a chat with the lovely lady, she was a great help and I have more fabric on the way, hopefully it will be here quickly.
I could make a start on the back, but I'm reluctant, I'd much rather finish the top first.
I have to say I wouldn't have come to this problem if we had a decent quilty shop here in town. There are one or two on the island, but being a non driver I find them difficult to access, much easier for me to shop online. Cheaper too, I'd spend a fortune if we had a shop in town. LOL

I've spent the last few days browsing quilty sites and shops. I've treated myself to some quilt software. 'Quilt Wizard'. I've also been reading up a few blogs, some going right back to their beginnings. There are some very prolific quilters out there, and even more very beautiful quilts.

One blog I did make a special effort to look at today was Sharon B. Typical, I finally get the time to go have a proper look only to find she has moved. LOL Go and check out her new site and blog, there is loads of wonderful info and she has a wonderful way with words which just makes you feel so welcome and comfortable while you look around.

Two blogs I visit regularly are Camilles place and Dear Jane Journey, both owned by Julia. She is one of my inspirations, I was reading her blog Camilles place for a long time before i tried either quilting or blogging for myself. Julia has a new project in the offing, I'm intrigued to see what she will do.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post. It is a wonderful story and I thought very inspiring and a great ego boost to any mum who has ever been classed as 'just a mum' or 'just a housewife' or worse still a 'non worker'!! Slowly but surely we will convince bureaucracy that we play an essential role in society and as such deserve more credit than we get.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Hi Loulee, thanks for dropping by my blog. I see you are a Manx girl - I have 2 Manx cats, and have always been amussd by people saying "Oh is that a Minx?" or "I see you have Lynx cats".

Like the rail fence blocks.

Janet said...

Loulee...sorry you are so disappointed in the fabrics...

I watched a tv show (PBS Station) they made their own designs...they printed their own fabric out of the computer that what the software is you got?

If that sounds real interesting!

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

I've just read back a few entries on your blog, and I understand the fabric dilemma. The closest decent quilt shop to me is 25 min on ferry plus 1 hrs drive, so I now do 95% of my shopping online from the US. I think the secret to ending up with what you want is to do lots of online research (!) so that you get to know what range is what in the styles that appeal to you, then you start to recognise them on blogs and in magazines and then you can order with more confidence. It can be hard to choose just the right colour for a border etc, and sometimes that might require a visit to a shop for a look see. The other thing you could do is email a photo to your friendly shop lady which might help her to help you.
Occasionally I get something that isn't what I expected, but as I mainly buy repros now that doesn't often happen.
As for a design wall, mine is just a white flannelette sheet bought at the discount store with 4 safety pins in it at the top. I've hung the 4 pins onto those 3M picture hooks that stick onto the wall then come off again if you want. Works really well.

Ribbonwiz said...

Hi Loulee,
Thank you for your kind words..
It is very disappointing when fabric arrives and doesn't quite look the same as it did online and go with what you had in mind!...So I just buy some more!.
The fabric will get used sooner or later on something else.
have fun with your new computer programe when it arrives.
I have just bought EQ6, takes a bit of working out, but good fun..

Clare said...

Hi Loulee

I sympathise with your predicament. I'm in a relatively similar situation. Rural France, not a LQS within a reaasonable drive, the range is limited and the price is horrendous. I'd do what Jenni suggested and email your LQS lady in the future, or can you fax?

Design wall - in this house - don't make me laugh. White sheet hung over dresser in kitchen and held up with whatever is around. Then blocks pinned to sheet. You can see it in use on the current WiP pictures at chez moi!

How's the weather over there?