Thursday, 22 November 2007

Lots to share, but no time!

My sister Moya turned up yesterday, so yep, you guessed it, absolutely no schoolwork was done! We had fun though and I took photos of what she has been up to. But thats for later.

No prizes for guessing what I've decided to have a go at. I've seen some beautiful stitchery recently, in some of your blogs and just around about on the net as I window shop and surf through all the quilty and stitchy online stores. Don't hold your breath though, last time I tried this it looked like two cats had been fighting in my work basket!
The design is one of Pam Kelloggs complimentary patterns which she offers on her blog. Go have a look, and if you use one do let her know, she loves to see what we make with her designs.
Beyond my very expensive light box you can see what autumn looks like here in Ramsey, and beyond the tired garden and bare branches of the Elm trees is my old school, my kids go there now.

Pan a quilts width to the right and look out of the other window, and this is what we see. The not so bare branches of the cherry trees. I should have taken this picture before they lost so many leaves. There are about 8 cherry trees in all, and there is always plenty of fruit, but the birds get it before we can. There are also apple and plum trees out back. There are several big old Elm trees, once upon a time there were more, but sadly the island is fighting a battle with Dutch Elm Disease. Over on the other side of the building there is a beautiful willow tree and some evergreens, I'll show pictures of them someday.

I said I'd scan the magazine front to show a picture of the Rudolph quilt I'm so taken with, but that means starting up the big computer and I'm too lazy to do that, so I took a photo of it instead. Isn't it soooooooo sweet. It was available in kit form, but I missed them, they are all gone, apparently there was a limited amount of the fabrics produced. I'll have to see what I can come up with.

I can just picture Rudy and his mates draped over my sofa at Christmas. I wish it could be this Christmas.

Moving swiftly on, cause I do have to do some homework today. Moyas pictures.
Did we show you one of these already? Moya has made two of these yellow pillow slips for Nene. They are both double sided and quilted in the ditch. Very very bright, this picture tells only half of that story, Moya and I agree that we wouldn't want them on our beds or sofas, but Nene choose the fabrics and she loves them.

The tag hanging off the bottom here is Moyas 'made by' ticket. We both have them, we didn't make them, we cheated and purchased them from a little place Hunney found , he designed mine and ordered them for me in secret. See, thats why I call him Hunney.

Remember Moyas stash of sunflower themed fabrics? Well, here's her Sunbonnet Sue stash! It's not quite so big, but still impressive. (Her hubby hasn't seen her stash!)

All of these fabrics have Sue on them. Some are just a meter, some are meters! She's not sure what to do with the cheater piece, but I'm sure she'll come up with something.
She brought them all along so I could help her to decide what to use as the backing and binding for this little beauty.

After she has used up all my spare time with shopping and lunches, she goes home a make things like this, while I have to go to work. The Sues she purchased from Ebay, they are printed onto the fabric but were all different sizes, when she was trimming to a uniform size she got a bit too carried away, so she is disappointed with how they turned out, plus the mitering gave her a headache so she's very much fallen out of love with this one at the moment. I have suggested she add a border of the blue and possibly another in the pink, she tells me she has more than enough of both to boost this up from cot size to bed size. I also helped her to sort out a back, I think. She didn't look convinced when I suggested a pieced back and making it a double sided quilt. Anyway, I'll keep you posted on that.

Right, I'm off to school, I have to do it today, I'm meeting my assessor in 4 hours!

Wish me luck and I'll wish you the same.


Andrea said...

I have this magazine too. I am toying with the idea of making the reindeer quilt as well.

Janet said...

Love the "Fall" look Loulee..we have that also! And that light box (window) is a neat Idea, I do that all the time..