Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Scrappy Blocks.

Well yesterday I pulled out my magazines and had another look through them. I did find one or two quilts I'd like to make, but as usual it's the lack of stash which prevents a start.

So I dug out my scrap club stuff. In August I joined a beginners block and scrap club. Each month I recieve an instruction sheet for one block and enough scraps to make several blocks depending on the size I choose to do.
Some time ago I made these blue and pink delights with Augusts 4 or 9 patch block instructions. To be honest the pattern on the fabric is far too large for the 3 inch blocks I choose to make but nevermind, the intention was to use these blocks as practice pieces anyway! LOL

Septembers package was hourglass blocks and an assortment of pinks, greens and browns. So yesterday I produced two dozen 3 inch hourglasses.

I have plenty of fabric left from both months to make more blocks should I choose to, I could even have a go at making larger blocks.

Octobers block is a square in a square and the fabrics are some pretty blues and greens. Hmm, will I still like them once I unroll the bundle? That remains to be seen.

I'm off to play, take care


Anne Wigfull said...

For what it's worth, I think large prints in small blocks can look really good, because while you lose the original pattern, you're getting new lines and shapes

Gina E. said...

Hi Lou,
I love that sewing machine icon/signature thingy - cute! Thanks for visiting Patra's Place so regularly - glad you are enjoying my bits and pieces there. Your quilting efforts are lovely - and do you know what I like about them? They are real oldfashioned patchwork - the kind of thing you look at and want to snuggle into on a cold night. Having said that, I think all quilting and patchwork is gorgeous, and even though I've never attempted it, I can still admire what others do. I'm looking forward to seeing the re-appearance of this cross stitch of yours!

Sarah Nopp said...

I am playing with some of the same fabrics too. I just feel in love with the big pinks. So much energy!

Lynda said...

What a great idea to have a scrap club! Sometimes I think we lose sight of the fact hat some people are beginning quilting, and even those who aren't can enjoy making simple blocks, some of which we have never actaully made ourselves! (Yours look great, by the way. Isn't it interesting working with other people's colour choices?)