Sunday, 9 December 2007

The best laid plans.

Nothing has gone according to plan these last couple of days! More of that later, I still don't have the knack of getting my pictures uploaded in the right order, so I'll start with last nights dinner.

Hunney says he'd never had sausage and mash served to him like this until I did it! I'm amazed! Is it just a Manx thing? Or a British thing? LOL My boys would think I was ill if I didn't play with their food and find a fun way to serve it.

When I was little my mother served everything onto the plate as it came, no fuss and no frills, certainly no UFO sausages! Everything had to be eaten with a knife and fork, even pizza! I learned about fun food at my friends houses. I vowed my kids would have fun food. Sausage mash and onion gravy with green space balls of gas (LOL Sprouts!) just wouldn't be the same any other way! And pizza with stretchy gooey cheese just has to be eaten with your hands. Do you have special ways of serving up certain dishes?

Hunney and I have been working on this puzzle for about 3 weeks now, we finally finished it up last night. Sorry it's not the greatest picture. It's a 1000 piecer.
Now it's done we'll break it up and pass it on to number one sister, (have I told you I'm the oldest of four girls? After me is Kirsty, the puzzler, then Moya, she's crafty like us and Nerine, the baby, she's the scientist.) We have nowhere to keep it not even for a while, so today it goes back into the box.

Finally my aborted plans. On Friday I had intended to spend the morning at my studies, then the afternoon at my quilting, I'm all geared up to get to that table runner! Well, I was just going to jump in the shower when I saw that Hunney had put all the towels into the wash basket, so I went to our walk in to get some more, I've been on at Hunney for weeks now to help me turf out in there, you know whats coming don't you! The words untidy mess just don't do it. I turned the shower off, rolled up my pyjama sleeves and got stuck in. I got finished in time to have a very late lunch. I rewarded myself by stitching this little fellow before dinner. Still no study done!

He's got a rather odd expression on his face. LOL I found him at another childrens activity site

Today we're off out for dinner, Yay! I don't have to cook a roast! We're going to meet up with some friends and have a christmas dinner in Peel a town on the west coast of the island. Then later if I can get him into gear Hunney and I will re arrange the furniture and put up our tree.


Ribbonwiz said...

I've learned not to plan anything as sure as eggs, something will upset my plans..
Glad you got to go out to dinner, sure beats cooking sometimes.

Susan said...

I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like the meal pictured, but it looks okay to me. I usually don't mix my foods up, but then we do have some crock pot meals where they are together.

Your reindeer is just adorable!