Thursday, 27 March 2008

Lots of news and pictures.

OK, so I've done it again and all of my pictures have uploaded willy nilly! I really have to practice at getting my pictures sorted out.

Yesterday was rather eventful and I took loads of pictures, here they are .......... in no particular order!

I finished the binding on the Scrappy Dresden plate. Here it is modeling on Grandads chair. Some of you may remember Grandads chair from an earlier post. You'll meet it again, very soon.

Next up is my niece Lala! She came to visit, she asked if she could come as she had not seen my new house. She used to visit with me a lot but we've not spent much time together since she started at school in September. Is that the toothiest smile you have ever seen? She was very proud to show off her tidy writing. Thats not her real name I hasten to add, I'm not sure how it came about, but it's a nick name which has stuck.

Lala is my sister Moyas little girl. You remember Moya, she's the one who collects huge themed piles of fabrics, like 20 sunflower fabrics or 25 Russian Doll fabrics! Yep, she brought them all to see me! I wonder why?

I think she was hoping I would inspire her. Huh! Instead of inspiration she found yet more Russian Doll fabric on Ebay. My internet connection is faster than hers, so I think really she comes to browse, while I get on with my sewing! LOL We do have an S&B sometimes though. LOL I have to say I really wasn't inspired and was not much help to her. I'm sure she will think of something.

I promised you I'd get back to Grandads chair, and here it is. It struck me yesterday that although I had told you the story behind the chair, I had not actually shown the chair behind the quilt.

It's a very comfortable seat to be in, especially when my back is sore, easy to get out of too at those times. I think thats why dad likes it too, aside from the obvious. Now it has two small lap quilts adorning it. I'm sure there will be more.

Finally, I've made another bag. While I was sorting strips for the binding on the little Dresden quilt I came across the strips left over from that log cabin quilt I made. I had cut far too many and had stashed them away for 'another day'. Well their day came. I fastened them all together like this. (Sorry these pics are a bit dark, I hadn't realised how dismal yesterday was.)

Then I tidied the edges and closed up the bottom and sides, I made a tuck at each end of the bottom. I also made a lining and put in a little wadding, though I didn't quilt it.

I then bound the top, like the layers of a quilt and added tabs to hold some handles. The ticket peeking out of the bottom of the tab is my 'made with love by Loulee' ticket.
Voila!! One shopping bag for our baby sister.

And now I don't know what to do with myself. Lisa suggested I do a tutorial for my little book bag. I'm waiting on 3 parcels to come from the States, and another parcel from the UK mainland. I'm itching to get on with all of the things which are in said parcels, but not really interested in anything which is to hand. Isn't that just typical?

I could always do some cross stitch. LOL I keep threatening to do some of that, but never seem to manage more than a few stitches. I'm sure I'll think of something. Have a great day all.


Janet said...

Hey Lou, the quilt looks nice! And the creative! What's up next?

blackbearcabin said...

Lala is a cutie! and i cant believe your sister has so many russian doll fabric...who would have guessed there were so many varieties out there! :)
You look like you have been VERY busy...and i love all of the bags and small quilts you have created! I cant believe you just sew up those bags with no patterns...very cool!