Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Two things.

Phew! I got my life back. LOL Things have been pretty busy here for a few days, this is the first chanceI've had to get near anything quilty. I did manage a quick blast through my bloglines and do a bit of reading, but no time to stop and comment. The Easter weekend meant that Hunney was off work and we've had visitors everyday.

So, onto things quilty.
The Dresden plates got this far on Thursday, then stopped. I'm not overjoyed with my efforts at quilting this one, but it will do. The sashing went on ok, I'm pleased with myself for that much, but the corner stone which was supposed to be in the centre......... Hmm, see the blob which is there instead? It speaks volumes. LOL Never mind.
I have some strips of fabric out ready to start binding this today. Hunney thinks I could do something really fancy with the binding, personally I reckon I'm better off just sticking to my scrappy idea.
Here's a pic of my not quite perfect quilting, at least it's better than my last two efforts. :-)
I also stitched in the ditch along the sashing and around the blob!

Finally an appeal. Does anyone know what this fabric is called and where my sister might find some? I had a fat quarter, don't know where from. We've trawled through all of my usual haunts and can't find it anywhere.
You can just about see on this pic that there is a very fine glitter over the fabric. It really is a very pretty.

I'm off to put my binding together and attach it, then I can watch a movie this afternoon while I close it up.

Have a great day.

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Janet said...

Oh Loulee, I love this one! So pretty! Keep them coming!