Monday, 17 March 2008

WHAT was I thinking?

I must have been away on another planet when I was doing this. Take a look at this pic and tell me whats wrong here.

How did I manage to bind it without quilting it first? DOH! It's thrown together with charms from Modas Garden Party collection and some other bits and pieces. I mean thrown, the charms don't match up nicely at all, but I'm not worried about that, nor am I concerned that one of the border pieces had to be pieced. How the hell did I manage to bind it without quilting it? Well I'm not unpicking it! So I'll be quilting it today, goodness knows what I'll end up with. Wish me luck. LOL

Here's how far 'Trailing Hearts Two' got. I'm waiting on some more of that red I used for the narrow inner border. I've quilted as I went on this one, so I'll be cool to just get on and bind it.

I have another pack of Garden Party charms and I have off cuts from the trailing hearts fabrics, I've been thinking of making some place mats with those. But first I have to quilt the already bound quilt! Have I asked How I managed to do that?

Happy stitching.


Ali Honey said...

I wouldn't panic; you may find it turns out just fine.If you haven't already started to quilt probably stitch in the ditch around the line between the border and the squares first.

Another idea might be just to tie it in the corners of the squares, so any excess just puffs straight up?

Janet said...


It looks great anyway! (Laughing) we all get caught up in our ideas at times, and miss out on the obvious....but I am sure you will be able to correct the problem, easily...I'm just sorry you have the extra work could have been done!

Rebel said...

D'oh! That's something I would do. Will you still be able to quilt it? Or will it look weird?

I like the trailing hearts quilt - love those pinks!

Pam said...

That is kind of odd that you did that - LOL!! But I don't think it will make that much difference in the end result. It is a cute little charm quilt.

Love the sunflower fabric. That will certainly be a fun quilt to sleep under. If it has the fleece then there doesn't need to be wadding? I've not tried that.

Anne Wigfull said...

Ummh - why not bind before quilting? I frequently put the binding on first, mind you, I do mostly free motion quilting and *alway, always* use cotton wadding, so the chances of pleating are minimal.Don't take my word for it, Barbara Barber doe it this way (or used to!)