Monday, 26 May 2008

About A Boy,

And his quilt!

Joe was keen to know what happens next. So we sat down and I showed him how to tidy away and bury all the threads left from the in the ditch quilting. I'm not sure if that was too boring, or maybe it was just a bit beneath him, ( ;-) but he decided he didn't want to help with that.

Instead he wanted to show me how to make flames! So I set up the machine with the dogs lowered and all ready to go, we sorted out some off cuts and I let him loose.

He concentrated hard and made some great flames, unlike my ideas he just meandered all over his scraps and produced flames. I had a very regimented and tidy flame in mind, but he tells me he wants his meander style flames. That's fine with me, much easier and far less time consuming!
Don't know if you can make out his flames here, they are very simple really.

He went with me the other day to the shop and selected his flame thread and this morning after his play, insisted on getting it threaded into the machine ready for me to start! "As soon as possible please mummy".

Well that's me told. All the threads are buried, but the flames will have to wait for another day, I just have time for lunch before I head off to work.

It's nice to have an assistant, he's almost as good as his Auntie Moya.

Enjoy the sun,


Karol-Ann said...

aaaawww that's wonderful!

Karen said...

How darling, boys are the best ever.

Gypsy Quilter said...

It is sooo neat watching a young person develop their own ideas, no matter what the medium. Happy stitchin'.