Friday, 9 May 2008

Moyas update

While I've had no time to quilt Moya has been busy. She finished her twin quilts yesterday. I'm not sure exactly what size these finished up at she didn't tell me, but I'm guessing at about 25-30 inches going by how they looked on my floor last time I saw them in real life.

They were made with flannels from the giggles range. Very cozy.

She used her sewing machine to make the labels, she had thought to stitch the babies details onto the front but, I talked her into the labels, this way they can be used again by other babies and more labels attached as necessary.

She has quilted in the ditch,

which shows up a little better on the backs.

I hope Gracie has a huge personality, cause she is only half the size of her brother.

Moya is coming to see me today now most of my germs have gone. I wonder what she'll have with her?

Thank you all for your good wishes, I really do feel a lot better today, in fact yesterday I started to perk up. My fever and aches and pains are all gone and I now just have the sore throat this all started with on Monday. Hunney has enjoyed the peace and quiet, he's teased and sympathised in equal measure. But he is a wonderful carer, he did all the cooking, bought me flowers and kept grapes in the fridge. :-)

Speaking of Hunney, He is settling into his new job and starting to enjoy it, he is slowly getting to grips with fastening a tie, although this morning was a frustrating time. LOL He says from now on he'll leave them all fastened and slide the knot up and down like a school boy, pulling the tie over his head. LOL Maybe I should stitch them all and put them on elastic, then he really could do it school boy style. He thanks you for your good wishes, he's gotten to know some of you, well, he knows your cats! He likes to have a peek over my shoulder when I'm reading blogs, just to see what your quilt inspectors are up to.

When I started to feel better yesterday afternoon, I went shopping at my favorite online store, it's a British one, so I paid a little more than buying from the states, but they are fast, I should have my package today. That would really make me feel better. I trawled through the sales pages and bought some batiks in half meter lengths . I also bought some charms, whoever it was that posted recently about using charms for a disappearing nine patch, thank you, you helped inspiration to slap me in the face.

I've done nothing to DS2 quilt, so hopefully today before I return to work I'll get some cutting done.

Have a good day all.

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Rebel said...

Oooh... cute cute baby quilts! I like the lables.