Thursday, 29 May 2008

You know, you can go off people!

I recently had a big turf out and gave quite a few crafty items to a colleague of mine. Needless to say she was delighted, well wouldn't you be if someone doubled your stash overnight? Anyway, she had a turf out of her own and came across this little beauty. A sequined tree skirt. Sorry the pic is naff!

All the work is done in stem stitch, beads and sequins. There are only those five snowmen and the garland goes all the way around. She says she won't mind if she never gets it back, but I happen to know that her daughter gave it to her for Christmas one year and she never had the courage to have a go herself. Looks like that is my job at some point. Has anyone ever done one of these? Are they quick? I asked her not to hold her breath. I'll ask you to wish me luck.

While in my favorite shop yesterday stocking up on birthday cards I spied this lovely bag and just had to have it.

Isn't it gorgeous? I just couldn't leave it there. And yes, it's already in use.

Finally, to some quilty content. I have a two tone binding on the dragon quilt, Joe couldn't decide if he preferred red or black for the binding and asked if I could do both one long side and one short side of each. Well that's all on and it only remains for me to add the label, I'm off to work this morning so it will wait until this afternoon. I'll take a final pic then too.

Have a good day.


Janet said...

What a nice find Loulee, both the purse, and the tree skirt!

Not sure about how fast that skirt will stitch..but it looks like fun! Good luck with it!

Linda said...

Love your bag, too cute. Is that tree skirt done in cross stitch? Looks like it may take quite a lot of time to complete.