Thursday, 2 October 2008

And the winner is.......

There were 14 of you in the draw, 13 who posted on the actual post and one who posted on the ghost post which blogger for some reason put up, then took away!?!  Bizarre

Aided of course by my Hunney I did the draw at bedtime on Wednesday night, he swirled the names around in a bowl......

And the winner is Anna or quiltmom, who has a relatively new blog and has made some beautiful quilts, do go and have a look.

Two of my large fans managed to get appliqued onto their triangles last night and hopefully I'll get the other two done tonight. I need to have a look under the stairs and see if I have enough batting to make a start on quilting as I go. For those who commented and asked, I want this one to get a lot bigger. The colleague who bought the last little denim bag from me says she wants it! But she wants it very large! I've explained that it is a creative work in progress and I don't know if it will get that big, I'm not sure where it's going next. Her response was if it gets that big and I decide I want to sell it, she'll buy it.

1) A morning kiss from Hunney
2) A warm fleecy jacket
3) New specs.


Miss 376 said...

How lovely to know that your work will be given a lovely home

quiltmom said...

Hi Loulee,
I feel like I am a really lucky lady.A big thanks to your husband for choosing my name.
Your giveaway was a fun contest.
I hope that you got some new ideas to find some more me time.