Saturday, 25 October 2008

Bye bye babies.

I've managed to upload these backwards! Well I wouldn't be Loulee ifI got things right all the time. I came across this WIP on Thursday while looking for another large cross stitch project to work on. It's almost two thirds done, there is another Clemitas flower to stitch then a Hydrangea to the left of the Poppy. I took outthe plain cream aida and replaced it with a lovely hand dye from Silk weaver, there are sparkly threads in the aida too. You can just about see them, but it looks much sparklier in real life.
I had forgotten how much of this I had done before putting it away. Which led to the question when does a WIP become a UFO? Was it a UFO while it was lying in the drawer? Or was it still a WIP as I hadn't really forgotten about it and did intend to revisit it?
Here's how the Endangered Babies looked when I packaged them up and put them away. Not the greatest photo but you can see how close I am to finishing. I'll get back to them one day.
I'm off to the post office soon, I have broth on the stove for tonights dinner, it should be really thick and tasty by 6pm! Once I get back from town Kay, Joe and I will be making Apple crumbles for the freezer. I picked up lots of windfalls at work yesterday. I left plenty for pies at work and because my back put in the hard work I got to bring some home.
1) A glut of apples this year
2) A reformatted puter, thnk you Hunney.
3) Another big pat on the back at work.


Miss 376 said...

Those flowers are so dainty, it's going to be a gorgeous piece.

Ginnie said...

Flower one looks lovely - hope you manage to stitch on that some more.

Anonymous said...

I love your animal babies, i have some charts of these animals but when there in pairs, this is the 1st time seen them altogether like it.

Yum apple crumble, with loads of custard,