Friday, 17 October 2008

Change of plan.

I thought I had taken pictures of the fan quilt after the latest bit of work, buuuuuut I was wrong. Either that or I put them someplace odd, cause I can't find them.
So instead, just so you still have some sewing pictures, here's DD Kay working away at a red dress.
She found a plain red dress in the Hospice shop next door, cost her the princessly sum of £2.50. But she decided it was too plain and needed a little jazzing up. We came up with the idea of applique. Here she is at her first ever attempt at needle turn applique. After a practice on some scraps she soon had blanket stitch sorted and set about getting some hearts sewn onto her dress.
Then she had a practice at back stitch and stem stitch before adding some trailing vines between the hearts, I think she settled on stem stitch for that, but it's hard to say. Then when she got to college on Monday she had to strike a pose.
She found that belt in the charity shop too, and I have no idea why she insists on wearing her jeans under such a pretty dress.

I'm off to find the camera, maybe pictures of my quilt are still on the card! And I want to get an up date photo of my cross stitch for you. I sat in the study with Hunney last night and got quite a bit done.
1) A day off at last, with no commitments.
2) Lunch hour with Moya, I don't call that a commitment.
3) Hot tea in the morning.


Miss 376 said...

She has done a wonderful job with the dress, really pretty

quiltygal said...

Well done Kay great job, my daughter Whitney reconstitutes clothes from the op-shop very for the jeans under the dress well I am sure my mum asked the same question of my choices in the 80s !! mind you I do when I look at pictures now :)

Stephanie said...

Very stylish.

anne bebbington said...

Because that's the fashion mum - come on get with it - it's a real education when I collect Sarah from 6th form college - how can their mothers allow them out like that? (VBG!!!!!!)

black bear cabin said...

She looks cute in her new :)
Impressive job on the applique'...another artist in the making!?!
Looks like you enjoyed your day off...hope you have more free time in the future.

Karol-Ann said...

So cool that she customised her dress! Well done Kay!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

great job with the dress, and a good op shop bargain as well, great, Tracey

Ikle.Kaiy said...

no the jeans are there to hide the white legs LOL. and im a fine art, illustration and history student at a degree level... i have patience for a paintbrush or pencil not usualy a needle.