Thursday, 23 October 2008


Well here you are, the four borders for the fan quilt. I've used the same template to do the petals. I've seen flowers done like this before, but can't remember where, so can't give credit. Sorry. I think that bright pink one is the best! :-)) These are 9.5 inches wide.

I've used a smaller blade template to make butterfly wings. What do you think? I started out with the one on the right, but wasn't sure about it, so waited for Hunney to get home and give an opinion.
He was trying very hard not to hurt my feelings, so I figure that's not good, so I played about and came up with the one on the left. Hunney says that one looks like a moth!! Well that will do me. Of course they will look different once I have appliqued them all down and added antenna.
Staying with the recurring theme of all the same but different, they are all blue, they all have a navy blue body, but have different wings, in blue!
I'm still stuck for a name for this quilt, I wanted to reflect that the original nine fans came from Karen, but I keep on coming back to 'All the Same but Different' . Any suggestions?

Time to go make dinner. I think I'll be cross stitching tonight.

1) I'm feeling much better.
2) A warm office to work in.
3) A ride home, no bus.


Miss 376 said...

So glad you are feeling better, the flowers look great. Wasn't until I saw this picture that I realised there were flowers at each end. Love them

Lurline's Place said...

I like the pink flowers, too and the butterfly on the left - looking forward to seeing it all finished!
Hugs - Lurline.

Ali Honey said...

Those borders look lovely. So very glad you a feeling better. Hugs from NZ.

Shamrockgirl said...

The way you have them, i like the one on the right... but i think if you found a way to have 2 larger blades on top and 2 smaller ones below it may help it a bit! I always love to see applique - it is always so creative! one day i will have to try it out myself.

Shamrockgirl said...

oops... i meant the one on the left! :)

Karol-Ann said...

The one of the left looks cool! Getting a second opinion can really help, because sometimes you get too close to something. A fresh pair of eyes gives perspective and an incentive to come up with something better! Well done both of you!

Rose Marie said...

I like your flowers and am wondering where you are going with these strips?