Monday, 27 October 2008

Mum I'm bored.

Can you tell?

I wanted to ask your opinion, with or without antennae? But DS got involved. If you click on the pictures you should get a larger image.
I finished the applique on these yesterday afternoon, but I'm really not sure about those antennae.
I'm hoping to get an hour or two upstairs this afternoon and get some cross stitch done. That's if Mr Bored finds something to occupy himself.
1) My Hunney.
2) My Boys.
3) My girl.
ALL home for dinner last night.


Stephanie said...

Definitely WITH the antennae. So clever and cute.

Miss 376 said...

I agree, the antennae really make them

Jeanne said...

I vote for 'with' too!
Jeanne :)

Julz said...

Hi Lou
You just got to add the antenna's to the butterflies. Lovely block :) Hugs Jx

Kerry said...

I like it with the antennae too! Very nice,and creative too! I look forward to seeing the project all together!

Rowyn said...

I like the antennae. The butterflies look super!

black bear cabin said...

antennae....most definitely!!! :) they are adorable!

Lynda said...

Definitely with the antennae! Without, they look like unfinished Dresden plates, and with, they look sudenly like butterflies.