Friday, 31 October 2008

My stitchy corner.

When I'm doing my cross stitch or indeed any embroidery or stitchery I sit up in the study with Hunney. I have a great wee cabinet, which you can't see here! Cause I have it covered in clutter. When I got it, it was a wreck, filthy dirty and had asbestos on it! Hunney cleaned it all up, stripped off the old varnish and years of accumulated dirt and grime. It was then given a few coats of varnish and is beautiful, it's made of oak. It was on rather large wooden wheels, but we decided not to put those back on. I might like to put some feet of some sort on it, but I'm not sure what, so at the moment it remains footless.
It has little extra 'wings' which pull out at either side of the top, to create extra surfaces. There are three drawers and a small cupboard at the bottom.
That box down there on the floor is my foot stool. LOL My legs are too short to reach the floor when I sit in Grandads chair. That little Dresden quilt just stops any draft getting around my back.
As you can see I have a Lowrey work stand and a daylight lamp with a magnifier. I pop my chart onto a magnetic board on a book rest. I use a photo copy of the original chart and use a high lighter pen to mark my progress.
That little heater on the wall there is never switched on. We have a little portable heater which we use if I'm in there, but Hunney doesn't bother, he says he doesn't feel the cold.

As promised yesterday, I took a picture of my cross stitch progress.
Not as much as I would have liked, I ended up doing other things and getting a bit side tracked, but the Clematis has grown a little. Hopefully I'll get that flower finished today, we'll see.

Maybe I need to create myself a nice play list on the Big Puter again. I may add Yulia Townsend and perhaps some Hayley Westenra or Karen Matheson to my Enya play list, just for a bit of variety.
1) Beautiful voices.
2) Another day off.
3) A morning kiss from Hunney.


Miss 376 said...

I do love that cross stitch, and I love the shape of grandads chair. There is something about solid wood

Tazzie said...

Your stitching is just lovely, and you really do have the perfect corner set up for you there.
Have a wonderful weekend

Tanja said...

What a nice cozy corner, perfect for stitching!
I love the design you are doing now, pretty colors!


Mark said...

My compliments on your choice of music, especially Hayley Westenra's fine singing. I call her Amazing Hayley.

Are you old enough to remember when Bob Dylan "went electric" and scandalized his fans? I don't want to impugn your image of Hayley, but have you seen her "electrified" look? AMAZING! And you'd have to agree with me that when he holds an electric guitar, she is flat out cuter than Bob Dylan ever was.

Might I make another suggestion for you to add to your playlist? Check this out:

You might already know of this singer because he is one of your neighbors to the west, but if not, well, you should enjoy listening to his voice.

Would you perchance be related to the WiFi folks there? Or is your name simply a common name like Smith is here in the USA?

P.S. Your handicrafts look nice.

Mark said...

Sorry, I left out the letter "s" before the "he" -- Hayley is definitely a "she."

Also I clicked on the wrong link for Damien McGinty of Ireland's Celtic Thunder. The correct link is:

Would it be too much trouble to ask you to make the appropriate corrections before you post my previous submission? Sorry for the trouble.

And I hope you enjoy listening to Damian's song and looking at Hayley's wild side.

Karen said...

Now that's a perfect stitching corner.