Friday, 17 October 2008

The package has arrived.

You may, or may not have noticed, but I didn't post any images of what I had enclosed in the package I sent to Quiltmom when she won my little giveaway. I wanted it to be a surprise.
Well her box arrived yesterday and I'm happy to say she seemed delighted.

Here's a quick peep at what the box contained.
A teeny tiny hand made pin cushion.

Some purchased items, a magnetic Manx teddy bear souvenir, some pearl headed pins and some Leonard Cheshire post cards, (Well I do work for them). A hand made pear and of course the hand made bag that started it all.

I also included a roll of largish fabric scraps. I do hope she can use them in something, even if it takes a few years for inspiration to strike! LOL

Here's a closer look at the bag,
And the pear.
I've been working hard, not at anything to interest you good folks, all work stuff.

Yesterday I had a 5am start, a 06.20 check in at the airport and training all day across the water at our North West regional office in Warrington. I got home at about 7pm.

Today was supposed to be my day off, but I went to do my office work, cause I couldn't do it yesterday. Tomorrow I'll finally get one day off! Yippie. Moya is coming for lunch, she has gone back to working during daylight hours, now that Lauren has started school. So we just get to meet up occasionally in her lunch hour. Her office is right across the street from my apartment! Cool or what? I don't know if she will have anything to show or not.

I did manage to do some stitching over the weekend, but I'll save pics of that for another day. No sewing this weekend, I'll be working, what a surprise!

Time to go.


1) Being able to give.

2) A safe trip yesterday

3) Another qualification.


Janet said...

Oh Loulee, what a treasure chest of pretty stuff!

Miss 376 said...

What a beautiful package, I just love the pear

Julia said...

What a lovely gift box of goodies!
Love the pear..

Ali Honey said...

Lovely gifts!
Congratulations on # 3 on your list!

Karen said...

The pear is cute as can be!

Karol-Ann said...

What a generous gift! Love the pear and the bag and the fabric and the... LOL