Saturday, 25 October 2008

Santa's here!

While I was up in the study yesterday I fired up Deep Thought, Hunneys big puter and set up a play list for while I was sorting out my cross stitch projects. Well it didn't finish playing by the time I was done, so I settled down to stitch while it played out.
Then I stitched some more, while it went around again, and again.
I got myself into a nice little mood and finished Santa just in time to go to work.

Like the Village he has his own iron work which was provided in the kit. He's a Christmas gift for someone.
I have another of these Santa's to stitch which will also be a gift.
I did take a photo of the endangered babies before putting them away and also prepared another larger project for work, I took a picture of that too, but I saved those for another day.

Before you ask..... Enya, it was two entire Enya albums playing along while I stitched away, she really is very good company. I often find I get into a stitchy groove when Enya is playing.

1) A finish!!
2) Good Music.
3) High praise at work. :-))

And because I can!!

4) My weekend off! (But on call)


Ginnie said...

well done on your great finish. He is a lovely santa!

Miss 376 said...

ooh, I haven't listened to Enya for a long time, so relaxing. Hope you don't get called out at the weekend and you get plenty of stitching time

Lorraine said...

Great santa....lucky person receiving it for Christmas...haven't listened to Enya in a while but agree....great music to stitch too!

Karol-Ann said...

He's gorgeous!!

Lurline's Place said...

He is a VERY nice Santa ... hope you get the weekend to yourself.
Hugs... Lurline!