Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dublin Trip.

I've been back for a day or so, but been busy with other things.
Dublin was grey. Very dull, grim and dirty. I'm really not a city girl so please don't be put off by my feelings about the place. There is a lot to offer and plenty to do, but it wasn't for me, and I shan't be dashing back.
We took very few pictures. These were all taken from the Gravity Bar at the top of the Guinness Storehouse tour, the highlight of the trip for Hunney.

For me the highlight was a trip to the cinema to watch Quantum of Solace, the latest Bond movie. The wonderful Daniel Craig lived up to expectations.
I got home to treasure in the form of some beautiful batik off cuts from Lynda, I'll post pictures next time.
1) My green island home.
2) Blogger generosity.
3) My own bed.


Ali Honey said...

Part of the joy of going away is to come home and appreciate what you already have!

Stephanie said...

Interesting pics. Looks like a bluish filter was on your camera. It is always nice to be home.

Lurline's Place said...

Just saw a preview of Quantum of Silence this morning on tele - opens here next Wenesday - good to hear you enjoyed it!
Hugs - Lurline!