Friday, 28 November 2008

The Gold Robin

Yesterday I mentioned wanting to do something with some fabric which Janet had sent to me. I already had the fabric out and went looking for a project,

I had a table runner in mind, but came up with something completely different! LOL
Made a shopping list and headed off out to meet Hunney. Here's what we bought.

Do you think it will go with Janet's fabric? LOL Never mind, I will get around to doing something with Janet's fabrics one of these years!
The red at the bottom of that little bundle is the one I need to finish binding the last of Mums Christmas mats, here is one in the gold colourway. (It's red counterpart had a looksee yesterday).

The picture has ended up looking really washed out, I assure you it is very pretty and much more colourful in real life, I've tried four times to get a better picture, it must just be one of those days. I'll have to have another go at getting rid of that awful crease too.
I finished all of my Christmas shopping yesterday, well the gifts I have anyway, the foody stuff can wait a little, I have made a start and have a few goodies stashed I don't want too much.
Hunney went off for an hour on his own and came back with one bag! He admits he's not very good at Christmas shopping, but hates it when I drop BIG hints, because he says it's not a surprise then, but he still is lost and doesn't know what to buy! LOL
DD Kay will be home at lunchtime ish today, she will come with me to the supermarket to get a few items I forgot yesterday, but aside from that, my day is my own, so I'm going to sew.

1) A nearly finished project
2) Christmas shopping is complete.
3) A new project.


Miss 376 said...

What lovely fabric. It's great seeing you back to sewing ways and sounding so much brighter. Hope you have a lovely weekend

Torina said...

I love your placemats. Very pretty and full of spirit.