Monday, 3 November 2008

Lots of pictures.

I had a rather busy weekend and didn't get much sewing time, but I do have pictures.

Here's Lala modelling her Halloween bags. Not a very happy young lady.....

Because up until that point she was happily posing for the camera and we couldn't see the bags. She started to pout when we insisted.

She was a little more cooperative when it came to her new ballet bag.

Hunney took me out for lunch on Saturday, and then we had a wander along the street to look at the shops. I found myself a new book. There are some lovely projects in here that I want to have a go at.
We're off to Dublin for a few days tomorrow. Yippie!!

1) Annual Leave with Hunney
2) All the laundry is done.
3) Today I can have a lazy day. (LOL No I can't, I have to pack!)


Karol-Ann said...

Models! Huh! She is a cutie though! And great bags. Have a great holiday and safe trip.

black bear cabin said...

ohhhh...a new book and magazine...great travel companions :)
love the halloween bag!
have fun in Dublin!

Julia said...

The little model is so cute..
The new books look interesting.
have a safe and lovely trip.