Friday, 6 February 2009

Meet the neighbours.

I'm tired today. I had the crappiest sleep last night. I took myself off to bed at 10.30, was asleep by 11.30. I thought I would sleep like a baby as I was exhausted after a night out and an early start. No chance, I was awake again before 1.00 am. and was still awake at nearly 4.00am. After that I did manage to get a couple of hours of broken sleep, but today at work I felt all dragged out, still do.
I had stuff on my mind, and had written a couple of difficult letters, they played on my mind a bit, you know, worrying about how things were worded, did I say enough, too much... ? I was also hanging on to what had happened in the office and not being able to get on with my work. I had ample time to finish my work if someone else hadn't been so selfish. I emailed a few comments to the boss yesterday, but after last night I spoke to him in person today, we had a chat about it and he is aware of how I feel and has assured me that things will change. I feel better about that now. I just hope I sleep better tonight, typically when I have one bad night, I'll have a week of 'em.
Thank you for your comments and feed back on my pinwheels, but I think I'll leave that decision for another day.
I thought you might like to meet some of my neighbours, these two rascals are often to be seen lurking about, I enjoy watching their antics.
Now if I could just convince the seagulls to be as quiet and well behaved as these guys.
1) Better stick the boss in here again.
2) Cuddles from my Hunney.
3) And a ride to work from Hunney too.


Miss 376 said...

I hate nights like that, I have listened to so much World Service Radio over the last couple of months. Hopefully, after a calmer day at work, you'll be able to relax properly and have a good sleep tonight

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Cute birds...

Sorry to hear you are having sleeping difficulties...nothing worse than things playing on your mind. Hope you sleep better tonight.

Mad about Craft said...

I occasionally have nights like that. The next day you have the hangover without the good night out - very unfair!

Ali Honey said...

Not sleeping is a pain and the more you try to relax the less it works!
A lavender bag in your pillow slip might help. Sometimes I get up make a hot drink bring it back to bed, and sit up against my pillows sipping it pretending I don't want to go to sleep yet, then start all over as if just going to bed. Sometimes works for me.
Sweet dreams Loulee!

Lurline said...

A dreadful thing to suffer from anxiety and lack of sleep - hope tonight is better!
Hugs - Lurline♥