Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Did I say Sunshine?

Did I say walk? I really should know better!
I did get out into the street in between showers. I had to go and visit Carlo and collect my angel. Her name is Hope and Glory, I stitched her way back in 1996 I think. I had framed her myself and she was looking more than a bit ratty, so I took her along to Carlo my friendly framer.
I'm sorry it's not a better picture, I took several and this was the best of a bad lot. In real life it looks as though you can reach out and play with the folds in her dress. I find her very peaceful and serene.
Hunney is very fond of her too, she was pretty much the first thing he saw when he first walked into my home. As he walked in through the door she was facing him from the wall, he says he was amazed and blown away when he looked closely and realised that she is made up of 1000s of tiny stitches.
She is back home with us now where she belongs.
So with lousy weather I didn't get much of a walk, instead I hopped onto the rowing machine and rowed my way across the sitting room before getting out my French Roses. I've cut all of the two largest size petals and all the leaves, oh, and the leaves are also pinned onto the blocks.

It was at this point I realised that I don't have the correct colour thread! So I'll be off out again today. Yes, I'll be dodging the rain drops again. I think the April showers got here early!
So what is in store for today? Maybe some more work on French Roses. A walk, or a paddle around the sitting room, depending on the weather. My knitting fingers are still itching, and so are my stitchy fingers, maybe I'll dig out one of my BOMs, I'm only 2 months behind on ALL of them! LOL
I'm off to play.
1) Professional framers.
2) More days off.
3) A quick and easy dinner tonight.

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Julz said...

Hope & Glory looks absolutely gorgeous in her new frame. Looking forward to seeing future pic's of the roses - the fabric looks really soft and lovely. Hugs Jx