Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Don't eat the popcorn.

Last week I ordered some goodies and today they arrived.
I love shopping at Lush.
I love fact that they are against animal testing.
I love that they have fun wrapping.
Which is recycled.
I love the biodegradable packaging.
Which protects wonderfully smelly treasure.
I'll be soaking in the bath this evening.
I wish someone would open a store here on the island.
I know they have stores all over the world, if you have never tried their products, you really should, obviously they also do mail order, but I have to say you can't beat a visit to a real store, I can sniff one out from the other end of town, they smell divine. Some of the products are vegan friendly, which is cool.
When you smell like a fruit basket and your bank account is empty, you can blame me, that's ok.
1) Smelly treasure
2) The most difficult thing I have to do today is decide which treasure to add to my bath.
3) A Lush life.

1 comment:

black bear cabin said...

mmmmm.....i love Lush products!!! Enjoy your bath! :)