Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fickle minded, who me?

After prattling on about my works in progress yesterday, and getting all inspired to do something to them.......................
I abandoned them and started French Roses instead!
Hunney bought me the kit for Christmas, it's been lying in the drawer here and yesterday was it's turn. I haven't done any actual sewing yet, but I spent all of yesterday morning ironing and cutting. I have more of the same to do this morning.
I've also been knitting away at my jacket and have almost finished the first sleeve. I recently had a sort out of my knitting stuff and I have several odd balls of yarn, just bits and pieces and left overs, I think I might make a few new born / prem size cardigans, just to use the yarns up, I don't think I know of anyone who is expecting at the moment, but I can pop them into the Hospice shop next door, someone will appreciate them.
1) Another day off.
2) Hot sweet tea.
3) 221 days.


Stina said...

This is a very lovely pattern ... so I will follow your progress... :o)
Have had it in mind for so long ...but not started so it will be fun to see yours... Good luck!!

Miss 376 said...

oooh, this looks interesting. Look forward to seeing how it turns out