Monday, 16 March 2009

Getting back to stitchy stuff.

My major tidy up yesterday has had mixed results. I dug out the Fan quilt and have a renewed interest in getting it finished, but I'll need some cotton batting, I did have some set aside for it but I stole / borrowed it for something else.

That is ordered and on it's way, hopefully it will be here tomorrow!
I want to do a couple more rounds on my wintry quilt, it didn't actually get buried, but has just been lying neglected on my table, once I have the top complete I need to find a backing and I plan to use the 'Dream Green' batting. You know, the stuff made from pop bottles.

Remember my collection of batiks? And the plan to make a batik Cathedral window? Well try as I might, I can't make a window I'm happy with, I've tried various methods and they all come out looking like pigs ears! (No offense intended to piggies!) I don't think that will be happening.

So, I have this basket full of batiks, small bits, large bits, scraps and new bits.Some of them have been sent to me by you ladies and now I'm all out of inspiration, what am I going to do with them? Any suggestions?
1) Two days off.
2) The housework is all done.
3) I slept in this morning.


Stephanie said...

How about a kaleidoscope quilt. That would show off your batiks nicely.

Lynda said...

Batiks look good in any pattern. A simple pinwheel or ninepatch would be great.