Thursday, 12 March 2009

I've been busy!

But not necessarily with the nice things. Work has been bedlam and I've been dragging myself home too exhausted to do anything much. I have been hopping onto the new rowing machine, I've built up slowly on that, making the routines a little longer and harder each time, no injuries, so I must be doing it right. And believe it or not I think something is happening, the scales still tell the same story, but the lady in the mirror is looking a little more toned and my jeans would agree.
There's lots of other stuff going on too, which I can't blog about, but it is draining me and I would dearly love to share.
There has been so much playing about in my mind that as I sat last night and congratulated myself for getting half way up the second front of my knitted jacket I suddenly realised I was making the second 'left front'!!! So I had to rip rip rip it all out and set off knitting up the 'Right front'. ((Sigh.))
Today, in spite of major stresses at work, I managed a really up beat day and came home with plans for a very special gift, it needed a bag! A very special bag.
So, I had to dig out the sewing machine.

Look I didn't even find time to cover the poor thing.
Then I set about making said bag. This fabric is some left overs from a very large piece of Laura Ashley I found next door in the Hospice shop. I used most of it to back my Butterfly quilt last year. There is still quite a bit left, but it's in long strips about 10 inches wide! LOL
Anywhoooo! Here it is, my first sewn item in ....... well it seems like weeks!
Gift enclosed! It's some of the lovely Lush products I bought a couple of weeks ago.
It's not all been stress and gloom. I did manage to get some beautiful pictures of the sunlight on our recent snowfall.
A lovely Internet friend sent me a belated Christmas gift. Thank you Janet. She knows I'm a sucker for a pretty bag, and that's what she sent, it was pressed into service the very day it arrived. I'll post a pic of that another day.
My DS2 Joe brought home his school report! WOW!! How many A's? That's great son.
DS1 Jonny was here last night, it was good to see him, he is living out of town now. I'm not so sure it was good being reacquainted. his feet though! :-p
Tomorrow I shall meet a very special friend for elevenses and present her with her very special gift, in it's very special bag.
1) Hunney did the dishes so I could sew.
2) A late shift tomorrow.
3) All those A's.


Janet said...


Need to talk, you know my email..feel free, you know I understand. I love the new bag..and can't wait for more pics of the countryside.

quiltmom said...

Hi Loulee,
I haven't seen Laura Ashley fabrics for a long time- once upon a time I loved them so- I loved some her flowing dresses and the country look decore that could be found in the magazines. I have a dress from my youth that I bought in Britain that is an Laura Ashley dress- Alas it doesn't fit my middle aged round body but it probably doesn't suit me any longer either. It brings me many warm memories though...
Hope life gets less stressful and gives you time to relax and enjoy some quilty opportunities..