Thursday, 12 March 2009

Janet wanted scenery.

Here you go Janet. I have to say I feel that this is a majestic sight, well, as majestic as the Isle of Man gets. This is Snaefell, which as I'm sure I've mentioned before is, our one and only, just barely qualifies as, Mountain. Although you see only one, there are two radio masts up there, a modern steel one and an old post war wooden one. Hunney has climbed both, during his time working for Manx Radio. There is also an electric tram line, which curves it's way around the mountain to the top, where, during the summer months a cafe will serve tea, coffee and snacks.

The tram runs up from Laxey, where I plan to walk if I ever get a nice day off! There is also a footpath, for those who wish to walk to the summit. The 'mountain road' on which we were travelling below is a part of the famous TT course. The road itself does not achieve the lofty heights of the mountain, but is so named as it runs around the upper reaches. As we were driving along I saw a breeze pick up and blow a cloud of snow particles off the peak. It all looked so much prettier than my camera skills can capture.
To my left, out of shot in this image is North Barrule, not a mountain, just a hill, the one usually hidden in fog when I take a picture from my wardrobe window! (though you do see it on the linked image) On both sides of the road are fields, usually filled with live stock, sheep mostly, though sometimes there are some hardy ponies up there and occasionally I have seen goats too.
I should try to get into the habit of carrying the camera with me, it's quite large though, maybe I should look for something a little more compact.
Now to Janets bag. Look what she sent to me, isn't it soooo pretty?
I really do like it. Especially the back panel, poor puppy. The images were designed by a kiwi artist, Sarah Wilkins, which is why Janet bought me this particular bag!

It's a great size for work, it holds my diary and note book, my pencil case and money purse, my breakfast, lunch, dinner, depending what shift I'm working! As well as the plethora of other bits that I cart to and from work every day.
After making the very special bag, for the very special gift, for the very special person last night, I sat and did some knitting until bedtime, and I'm now back at the point where I realised my mistake. I'm hoping to have a little time for knitting today, but I won't hold my breath.
1) Pretty gifts, from wonderful friends.
2) Time out with another friend.
3) A late shift!! Bliss.


Miss 376 said...

What lovely scenery and a gorgeous gift

Ali Honey said...

Lovely photos of your snowy hills/ mountains.
That was a lovely gift......
Shame on me I've never heard of Sarah Wilkins.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful scenery! :o) GREAT BAG! Love the print.

Janet said...

thanks for the lovely scenery Lou..I love seeing the sites!

black bear cabin said...

it looks like its still a bit chilly in your neck of the woods...same here!
Love that bag!!!