Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Who requested more snow?

I had hoped to get out for a walk yesterday, I had half a mind to go back to Laxey with my camera and take lots of pictures. But, it rained and rained, then it rained and rained some more, it rained and rained and rained all day long. It was miserable, so instead I stayed home and rowed and rowed on the rowing machine, then knitted and knitted at my jacket.
When Hunney got home last night he said that the rain was trying to turn into snow, but I truly didn't expect to see this when I got up this morning.

Even though I took this picture of Hunneys car just before bedtime. The snow had turned to wet sleet again by the time we went to bed so I expected all the white stuff to be washed away.

My jacket is growing slowly, I did quite a bit yesterday, though my heart wasn't in it, I wanted to be out walking. I've come to the end of my four days off now and for once I feel rested, like I had a proper break. It's not often that happens. Today is not real work either, I have a training day, the way this next week pans out I wouldn't be surprised if it flies by, not that I'll have much of a chance to do any sewing or knitting as it's all early shifts.
1) A good break.
2) Sunshine.
3) A lateish start back to work.


Miss 376 said...

We just had the wind and rain, though there is a chance we may get some white stuff later today. Glad you've enjoyed your few days off

Ginnie said...

We also had rain and wind... thank goodness I don't want anymore snow!

Stephanie said...

Love the snow on the rooftops pictures, even though I'm not a fan of snow! I can't wait to be able to be outside for my walks.