Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A stitch on the wild side.

I may have been quiet of late, but I haven't been idle. I've done a little sewing and knitting. Pictures of that later. I've also been walking. Lots and lots of walking.
Yesterday DS Joe, myself and DD Kay headed up into Glen Auldyn, where I grew up. We saw hundreds of pheasants, who didn't want their picture taken. I spotted this guy hiding in the hedge, the kids had walked right passed him.
We climbed way up into the glen and up the hill sides. There are miles and miles of foot paths through plantations and wilder areas. Town is over there somewhere in the murky mist.
I used to swim in this pool as a child. On long hot summer days it was wonderful to come home from school and jump into the waterfall. This pool is right across the road from our old house.
On Saturday we did a very different kind of walk. We went to the Wild Life Park. That was a great day. The area is very wet and swampy, so there are hundreds of wild fowl from all over the world and of course lots of species who like water. The otter enclosure was empty while maintenance was done, but I did manage to capture a lesser spotted Hunney lurking nearby.
This red panda was a character, we watched him for quite a long time.
Did I mention that there are all manner of birds? (We took dozens of pictures, if you'd like more just leave me a comment and I'll do a whole post about our day out.)

In between days out and hiking about on the hill sides I have managed to get a little sewing time. Though to get any farther I'll have to dig out my table.

I found the scrappy border I had stashed away in the bottom of the scraps box and also pulled out a few extra scraps, just in case. I'm glad I found these I think they will make the ideal binding.

And last but not least, some thing creative.....
I've made two of these blue fans, and just need to get them finished off before layering, quilting and attaching them. That really shouldn't take too long, maybe I'll get a chance today. It's really not a nice day for walking, so I'm hoping Joe will do some baking while I sew. His Nana gave him a recipe book for Easter rather than an second ton of chocolate and he is itching to try out a few recipes.
1) Beautiful countryside.
2) School Holidays.
3) Time to sew.


GARI said...

Your fans look great. I did one just before Christmas but have not yet quilted it: it will be a pillow.

Lynda said...

Walking is so good for you - not only physically but it's very stimulating mentally too. You have some lovely places to walk in your island, and I love your blue fans!

Ali Honey said...

Oh yes, I always love your photos.
I think that species might be the greater - not the lesser! He is in fine colour at this time of the Year!
The blue fan has great potential.

(You still haven't told me if you are coming to the North Is or just staying down south? )

em's scrapbag said...

The pictures from your walks are wonderful. I love your fans and can't wait to see the border. I love scrappy.