Friday, 3 April 2009


Now don't go into shock!! But I have actually done some quilting this morning.
Not only that but, prepare your selves now.....
I pulled out the fan quilt!
When I put it away all I had left to do was to quilt and add the two remaining side panels along with their butterfly corner stones.
This morning I have quilted one of those panels and have it all ready to be attached to the main body of the quilt.
If you remember I'm doing this one, quilt as I go style.

Sorry these pictures are a bit washy, I'm still learning this new camera and I can't seem to get in door pics just how I like them.
I have the second panel all pinned and ready to quilt but I think I'll call it quits for today.
Even though I've quilted as I went on this one, I'm not delighted with the back and have found a lovely duvet cover next door in the charity shop which I'm hoping will serve as a quilt back, with some careful cutting and re piecing it should be just big enough. I'd do only some very basic quilting as a means of attaching it. It's 100% cotton, which you don't often see these days but has a stain I hope to be able to remove, if I can't....well it is the back!!
1) Another beautiful day.
2) My quilty muse is back
3) DD is going to help with the grocery shopping.


Stina said...

Love to see this one again... good of you to start over on it... will be fun to see it finished..:o)

Lurline said...

Hey - remember we are all our own worst critics! Looking forward to seeing the finish!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Lizzie said...

Finding your blog took me back to holidays in Douglas as a child, it's still a lovely place to be, oh yes, love the quilt, look forward to seeing it finished, Liz

Lynda said...

I know machine quilting is much quicker than hand, but sometimes it doesn't seem it! Well done to get the quilt done in one go!

black bear cabin said...

glad to see you working on this one again...its very pretty...and when its finished, im sure youre gonna love it! i do :)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt, i do like fan quilt`s

Ali Honey said...

3 great items in your gratitudes!