Tuesday, 22 September 2009


So there I was yesterday, swotting away, doing my homework. I have nine booklets to read, all about resource and supply! Exciting stuff huh? So, I've read four of them and I pick up number five, halfway through and making good time, I'm really pleased with myself.
I read the first page of number five, turn over and......... That doesn't make sense, what happened there? Investigation reveals that I have pages 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9!!
A total of four books have been made like that.
I contacted the course facilitator who was already having a bad day and made her day worse.
Needless to say my essay on Resources didn't get done. But my essay on Data Protection did. There were only five booklets for that and they were all complete. It was a bit of a change of direction for my poor little brain though. LOL
Gotta go, late for work.
1) Fax machines. (I have the missing pages already)
2) Time to do a few stitches this morning.
3) I live VERY close to my work.


Allie said...

LOL - good thing you have a fax!

My brain got tired just looking at it.

Tracey said...

Oh dear! At how many points were you just thinking, can't I sew???
I loved seeing your boys and the pumpkin...that wa sone big pumpkin, you will be fed for the winter!
Looking very organized with your SSCS, I haven't quite got tho that yet! Tracey

Lynda said...

An essay on Data Protection - I can't imagine anything worse! Poor you. You definitely need some sewing time!