Friday, 18 September 2009

Catching up on sleep.

My trip away to Warrington on Wednesday was exhausting. I believe that was the most tiring of all, I was too tired to do anything but sleep yesterday, I did my shift at work then came home and slept, I cooked dinner, then after a little TV watching I had an early night. I was up at 07.35 this morning, so I think I must have caught up.
I have a few things happening, but it's all stuff for sitting in front of the TV, my Secret Santa project is still at the work in hand stage, I have my cross stitch out again, but that's for TV time. My knitting is also best done in front of the TV, it's growing slowly.
So today, in a effort to spend a little time with my sewing machine, I've pulled out my denim circles. I'll spend a little time playing with them, I'm itching to start adding the lovely batik pieces I've collected.
Back to the mundane world. For my course I have lots of reading to do and four pieces of homework to complete. I had better do some of that today too. On the final day, next month, I have to sit a short exam, which is worth only 30% of the final mark and give a 5 - 10 minute power point presentation. I have the power point work all done, I just need to write and rehearse what I will prattle on about, obviously I have a few basics noted down, or I wouldn't have been able to put the power point together. I have enjoyed the course, the people I'm working with are a great group and fun to be with, we have learned a lot from each other. I shall miss them.
Back to the fun stuff...........
In 36 days Hunney and I leave for our trip to New Zealand. Boy am I ready for it, we are both sooooooooooo, looking forward to a chance to relax and have some fun. Oh yes, that means it's fifty days until our wedding! We finally arranged a date. Saturday 7th November. While we are in NZ we will also travel around a little. Hunney did show me around last time we were there, but it felt a little like a whistle stop tour! LOL This time I'm hoping to move at a slower pace, Shiree and I have suggested a get together in Dunedin, which would be great, I have visited the town before, we visited with a friend of Hunneys, for an afternoon and evening, slept in a motel, then left early next morning, this time I'd like to look around, I believe there are some very good quilty shops in town. ;-) Last time we were there I took loads and loads of pictures and I plan to do the same again. We will have computer access so I plan to continue blogging while we are there.
If I'm going to have time for homework and sewing today before I go to work, I had better get off this thing.
1) My boy is home from sea.
2) The course is nearly finished.
3) The countdown is getting shorter.


Miss 376 said...

I have lots of things like that around, all in progress but not a lot to show.
These last few weeks will fly past

Allie said...

You must've really needed the sleep! I need to spend some quality time with my machine today too. Won't be long now to departure - I'm so excited for you!

Rowyn said...

Wow, only 36 sleeps? That's coming around so quickly!!

Lynda said...

How lovely to be looking forward to a holiday at this time of the year! We're winding down to winter and you're revving up to a wedding on the other side of the world!

AnnieO said...

The countdown and selecting the date are so exciting! Hope your studies and exams go well and are the things you can cross off your list with a sigh of success.

jannimary said...

You'll be happy to be finished your studies and have more time for stitching. Bring on NZ!

Stephanie said...

I'm behind on my blog visits. Your upcoming NZ trip sounds just fantastic and how fun it will be to meet Shiree. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.