Monday, 21 September 2009

Here's Jonny!!

As I said the other day, my DS is home for a few days.
Look what he bought me!
DS Joe wanted in on it too!
Hunney had to help as well.

It weighed in at nearly 4 stone / 54.5 pounds / 24.7 kilos!!
Guess what I was doing today? No home work, no sewing, no cleaning, no ironing! Instead I stewed all that pumpkin and made up loads of pumpkin bread and pumpkin soup for the freezer. There is very little room for anything else in my freezer.

I need your Pumpkin recipes please ladies.

1) Help to tackle the beast!
2) A freezer
3) 34 and 48!! ;-)


Miss 376 said...

Pumpkin pie!

jannimary said...

It sounds like you had a fun family day together. It must be good seeing Johnny when he gets home. Try this recipe. Pumpkin scones are quite yummy warm with lots of butter. It was made famous by the wife of the Queensland Premier of the 70s and 80s that people either loved or hated. Lady Flo was also a Senator in the federal parliament.

Allie said...

Holy Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that IS a beast. I don't have any recipes - but good luck!
Yay on 34 and 48!

Jenny said...

Phew, what a whopper! I've never cooked pumpkin, it might make a nice chutney?

Stephanie said...

I love pumpkin soup! That's one HUGE pumpkin.

Ikle.Kaiy said...
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Jeanne said...

Wow, what a HUGE surprise! I bet your house smells wonderful with all that cooking going on!
Jeanne :)