Saturday, 26 September 2009

I stitched!!

I finally got a chance to do a little stitching! You know why don't you? Guess who couldn't bloody sleep! I sat up in my chair, all wrapped up in lovely warm quilts and sewed my little heart out.
Just a little peep at what I managed to stitch, this is my SSCS, the main design is now done, I just have to get the label done too. Maybe later today.
I'm taking a break from the sewing at the moment while I make a pan of soup, yep! It's pumpkin soup! A very simple recipe.
Fry an onion in a big pan, just enough to soften it.
Chuck in any left over veggies you find in the fridge.
Some stewed pumpkin and any bits and pieces of frozen veggies you have lurking in the freezer.
add curry powder, cumin and chilli to taste. Bubble until all the veggies are soft, allow it to cool and whiz. Save until tomorrow, when it will taste even better or reheat and serve with crusty rolls today.
I didn't have much lurking in the fridge as I made soup last weekend too, but I did find some sorry looking sweet potatoes and some frozen celery so I chucked them in.
I've had quite a few new to me people commenting on my last post, that's lovely, I like to meet new people. Of course there are some regulars there too. There is still time to enter my give away, you just have to comment on my post 401. I'm hoping to go out today and get a couple of special additions to the prize, something Manx! I'll take a photo of the whole bundle before it leaves me.
Well if I want to sew some more today I had better get on and do a little of the domestic stuff and some home work too! I'll be back soon I hope.
1) A night out with friends.
2) Planning a night in with friends.
3) A moment to sew.


Rowyn said...

I wish I was so creative/productive when I can't sleep!

Is it excitement about your trip and wedding keeping you awake?

Have a great weekend!

Miss 376 said...

That soup is just what I need today. Boys are laughing at me as I've lost my voice

Cardygirl said...

Nice to find some stitching time...your SSCS is looking good....I am busy with mine too!
Hope you have a lovely evening!

Karen said...

The soup sounds so good but we aren't having soup weather here. Still very warm.
I sometimes have trouble sleeping and get up and sew in the middle of the night. Better than tossing & turning.

jannimary said...

The weather is back to winter here with sleety snow, so I think a batch of pumpkin soup might be the go for tea tonight.

Allie said...

Your stitchery looks wonderful! And that soup sounds delicious. I'm sorry you couldn't sleep - but I sure know the feeling.

quiltygal said...

Hi Loulee the reason the quilt is waiting for its binding is cos I dont have the time to do it yet..maybe I should try your trick of not sleeping !!?? would get heaps done then unfortunatly I sleep like a log anywhere it will just have to wait....