Sunday, 15 November 2009

It was much more than a quilt show.

I didn't realise it until we got there, but there was much more than a quilt show on at Geraldine yesterday! There was a whole village show on.
Amid all the hundreds of stalls, the girls and I found a face painting place. Meet Katherine on the left and Laura on the right. Aren't they just too cute!
Look at the crowds of people, it was very busy and the sun was shining.
You know me, I didn't just get my face painted, I also bought a bag. At the quilt show I took a few pictures too. There were some beautiful and inspiring quilts on display. I'll post piccies of those another day.
1) Another sunny day
2) Beautiful nieces.
3) Still having a wonderful time.


Janice said...

It looks like the "Girls" had a wonderful day. Looking forward to seeing more photos in the future.

Allie said...

Hello MRS. Lou! So glad you're having such a great time!!!

Lynda said...

Not sure about the design you chose - is it a spider? Still, it's all fun!