Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Otago Museum.

On our travels last week Tony and I visited the Otago Museum in Dunedin. I was particularly keen to visit the Discovery World Tropical Forest. The place was full of beautiful butterflies.

I can't help feeling just a little jealous that Hunney got better acquainted than I did.

I thoroughly enjoyed it though and after a look around the rest of the museum, I insisted that we go back into the tropical house for another look.
Just a couple of days left here in New Zealand, we're spending as much time as possible with our nieces and catching up with some other relatives too as well as some last minute shopping.


Allie said...

Love butterflies - looks like a cool place! Enjoy!

Janice said...

Your're looking very relaxed there and Tony looks very patient waiting to have the photo taken of the butterfly. Keep enjoying your honeymoon.