Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas sewing.

I still have one block of Gail Pans Christmas Wishes to complete. I could have finished it easily by now, but I got side tracked. I had to purchase more napkins recently and as I grabbed plain ones I decided it was time to make a pretty box to sit them in. I could have found a tutorial somewhere on the WWW, but that would have been too easy! You know me, I set out on a journey of discovery. Here it is, for a first effort I'm pretty pleased with it.
What could be more Christmassy than British Robins with their red breasts?
or Tuis feeding on Pohutukawas?
I had to get a bit of Kiwi in there somewhere. ;-)
Another necessary distraction is more place mats, I've invited so many people in for dinner on our special day on 28th that I didn't have enough place mats or cutlery! LOL A quick trip to the shops solved the cutlery problem, but if I wanted a matching set of place mats I had to make them.
And that's just what I did, four more mats and coasters. Now I'm all prepared to gather my family around me on Monday and to celebrate Christmas.
I'm working late shifts today and tomorrow, although I have chores to do today I'm hoping to spend a quiet time tomorrow morning with my Hunney and my sewing, maybe I'll get Gail Pans Christmas Wishes finished. Though I can't quilt it, I have no batting and it's too late to ask Santa for some. So that will be a job for the new year.
This year I have extra surprises under the tree as I took part on Chookys SSCS. I've been very good and have left all the packages unopened. It was fun to take part in a swap and to meet new people through the exchange. Blogland has been a great source of inspiration and support to me this year and I'm happy to have been a part of such a great group of people. I wish you all....

Nollick Ghennal as blein Vie Noa

Regulars will know that this traditional Manx greeting says,
Merry Christmas and a Good New Year.

1) We had a wonderful year.
2) I married the man of my dreams.
3) My family will be with me for Christmas.


Miss 376 said...

The placemats and box are lovely. Looks like you will be having a wonderful day on Monday

Gari said...

This has been quite a year for you and now a Merry Christmas to wrap it up.

abigail2 said...

Happy Christmas, Loulee!


Janice said...

I love your latest sewing. I bought some of that same robin fabric last month! It's a small world. It has been a very eventful year for you and this Christmas will be the icing on the cake.

Ali Honey said...

Happy Christmas Lou and dear kiwi husband.
Yea for Pohutukawa and Tuis! Your placemats and holders turned out very well.

It was 30 degrees c in our carport yesterday, so the warmest calmest Christmas day for many years.

Glad you had a good year!

quiltygal said...

Hi Loulee
Have a great Xmas enjoy monday with your family & friends hope you are keeping warm!! hope 2010 is a great one for you

pascale said...

Thanks Loulee for your comment. I love your blog, really nice. time flies, I can still wish you a Happy New Year.

Lynda said...

Your napkin holder will bring wonderful memories every Christmas for years to come!